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    host with subversion?


    I'm looking for a new hosting company. The most important things to me are (not in any order):
    • Subversion support (preferably with the apache module instead of svnserv)
    • PHP, one MySQL database, SSH shell access, 1 or two email accounts
    • Low bandwidth requirements
    • Very low disk space requirements
    • Don't need SSL, dedicated IP, or dedicated server right now (maybe someday)
    • WebDAV access preferred, but not mandatory
    • Good uptime, great support.
    • Cost
    I'm leaning towards A Small Orange's Tiny Plan but does anyone have other ideas? I am definitely a power user.

    Many thanks,

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    Hmmm, I can see it's been awhile and no one has answered your post. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any Subversion hosts right off. Have you tried doing a Google search to see what you might come up with (both in the way of providers and reviews)?
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    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the reply. When I didn't get a reply here, I did start searching with Google. Most of the hits I get are for places like CVSDude and SourceHosting. That is, the hosts provide only Subversion/CVS hosting (and maybe Bugzilla or other bug tracking software), but nothing in the way of typical web hosting with PHP/MySQL/cPanel, etc.

    I used to have a web hosting account with A Small Orange that included Subversion, but I don't want to join them again because of the recent complaints. Do you know anything about OCS Solutions? They seem to offer what I need, but I can't find any reviews of them here at WHT. See my post here asking for references...

    Thanks for your help!

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