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    Help configuring cPanel backup configuration

    I'm trying to configure cPanel's backup feature. I have 10 gigs of storage on a separate server. I have cPanel configured to store daily backups on that, and it uploads just fine. But my problem is, it will not retain anything. It just overwrites the existing backup. So say something with the site goes terribly wrong at 11 PM, backups run at midnight, and I don't notice any problem until 10 AM the next morning, I'm basically screwed since the only problem is after something went wrong.

    Right now the file names are account.tar.gz. What I want it to do is somehow add a timestamp, maybe account_MM_DD_YY.tar.gz or something like that, and not delete everything. I have daily backup retention selected (not like I have any other option there) but that's not doing it. I've attached a screenshot of my settings. So, how would I configure cPanel to do this, is it even possible? Thanks
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