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    Problems with domains and DNS

    I have owned a domain through HostOnce for four years (don't get up, i'm kicking my own arse). Last week I purchased another domain through a different host (DomainHost). for the sole purpose of redirecting Domain 2 to a folder on Domain 1. DomainHost have been wonderful in giving help, and they told me that if I could give them the DNS info for the folder, they would set it all up for me.

    I contacted HostOnce for assistance in getting the DNS info, but the only response I received was this:

    "You will need to purchase an additional domain in order to redirect the new domain name to a folder within your website."

    Well, bugger that! I am NOT going to purchase a third domain just so they can milk some extra cash out of me.

    So, i'm forced to cheat in order to redirect Domain 2 to a folder on Domain 1. The question is, how the heck do I do this? How can I get the required info on a specific folder rather than the whole domain - on which I am hosting about twenty websites?

    NOTE: Because I only purchased the name through DomainHost and not hosting, my only option when logging in to do some admin is to modify the DNS. I have to give them a host name and an IP address. Now, how do I find these properties on a specific folder on a domain?

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    Please help, it's urgent.

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    Set up the DNS zone for domain2 at yourself, using the webforward feature. Then all your registrar will need will be the DNS server names that zoneedit gives you.

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