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  1. #1 Apache down?

    hi, is it just me or do other customers of' Apache is down?

    I logged on my WHM this morning and it says "httpd" service is down and I can't restart it.

    Any feedback will be appreciated
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    Did you try contacting them to fix it? Is this a reseller account, your own server?

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    i own the server.

    yes, I have lodged a ticket. However, I would like to know if other customers are having the same problem so that I can find out whether it's their end or my end's problem.
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    you own the server, so I am not sure why you have asked about other customers. You are sharing server with other customers?

    anyway, you can login ssh, and check the httpd log to see what's happening

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    just found the problem and fixed it..

    Mod_Security from cPanel mucks up httpd and stops it from running
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