We have one server online and available now because of a previous deal. Keep in mind this is the only one available at this price and it is on a first come, first serve basis. The first person to contact me and remit payment will get this.

Red Hat Linux 7.2
PIII 866 MHz
256 MB RAM
Unlimited Justifiable IP's
400 GB Single Homed (Cogent) Bandwidth

Monthly: $99
Setup: $149

It is live and ready to go right now. IP:

The server is in the world class Global Compass datacenter. We can install any control panel of your choice if requested.

Cpanel - $50 Monthly
Plesk 100 - $50 Monthly
H-Sphere 100 - $50 Monthly

Bandwidth Overage:

$3.00 per GB in 1GB Increments
$1.50 per GB in 10GB Increments


Free Reboots 24/7
Systems Administration - $75 Hourly

To order, contact me directly at [email protected] or on ICQ 32876466. You can also call me on my cell phone at 304-651-7277.

Have a nice evening and a great weekend!