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    Poor AWBS Sales Support - Any Alternative

    I wanted to start hosting website including billing and everything by end of this month, I did some research and after being recommended, AWBS has maximum required features.

    I spoke to sales support and they gave me trial link to download and when I registered my account, they never activated my account saying that the Address I wrote of my company and the place I am by the IP address is different.

    Ofcourse right now I am US for business trip for few days and my original company is in india. I explained them but still they never activated account. Nor they ever replied to my mails.

    Its so pathetic, they wasted my whole 2 weeks and I needed some system up by 1st october and its already late now. Is there any other good system same as AWBS and who doesnt have such silly support, I want to buy it within week.
    - Akash Kava
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    We are hit with a VERY high rate of fraud orders, and your account was flagged for investigation due your data mismatch.
    When we asked you to help clarify the mismatched data, you stated "here your suspicious mind shows up" and that you no longer wanted to place the order (this was back on the 27th).
    Fraud costs us a lot of money and we therefore have tools in place to help identify possible fraud. We are sorry if you cannot understand this policy.
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    Many times a host will compair the IP address along with the billing address and if there different it'll flag the prospective account. Evidently this is what happened in your case. I'm sure you can understand how rampant fraud is now a days.
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    Excuse me everybody, its just a trial download, I had not at all placed an order, fraud is the case at time of placing the order and I am also in hosting business, it costs less then 5 cents to call on billing phone number and verify the buyer.

    I had given my valid existing working US phone number while I am in US, you could have called to verify, VOIP are even cheaper just few 1.6 cents a minute. Do you know how much of inconvenience it caused me? After 3 days somebody shows up and says that data doesnt mismatch, atleast you could have been courteous enough to reply soon. I was so frustrated that for 3 days no body replied and I kept on mailing them that my account is not active and somebody did reply me that

    From: AWBS Sales
    To: Akash Kava
    Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 9:44 PM
    Subject: Re: Contact form you submitted

    I'm showing all trial orders have been filled.
    You should have received an email when your trial order was filled with
    on downloading, etc.
    Its stupidity to assume fraud, atleast in case of trial....

    I understand 65% of orders placed in our website are fraud too, but we dont mind spending 1.6 cents a call to verify the customer which could be with us for life long.... few cents a minute is not at all a great cost to acquire a good customer.
    - Akash Kava
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