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    Please Assist Me in Choosing Between These Web Hosts


    I am currently hosted with ASO, however, I cannot continue to afford them. I am on the Super Shared Reseller Plan. I would also expect more for a service that you are paying more for than what they have currently (e.g. lack of 24/7 live support or even phone support).

    As a result, I am looking for a new host, and I have done some very extensive research on reviews as to which host would best suit me. I have eight sites and need to find alternate hosting for them.

    Here is what I have narrowed it down to, but I would like you all to be completely honest about which of these you would choose, and back your answer with specific reasoning so I can further articulate which would be the best choice for me.

    1. iX Web Hosting's Unlimited Pro Linux Hosting Plan for $12.95/month for 2 years or $14/95 for 1 year. I have read a lot of reviews on them from various different sites and have found mostly good reviews regarding them. They offer Unlimited hosting (even though there is an internal limit, I know) and they have 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support, and that is a very big plus for me. Also, what they state on their website in regards to their equipment, they actually have it on-site in Kentucky.

    2. BlueHost for $6.95/month. Pretty much the same for iX Web Hosting, I have heard almost nothing but good reviews about BlueHost. They offer 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support as well. The only thing is they don't have as much space, but I wanted to know which is better between iX Web Hosting and BlueHost in your own opinion and why.

    3. Host Monster for $3.95/month. I know they are owned by the same owner as BlueHost and are run on the same servers as BlueHost, but they offer their services for $3 cheaper, which I find interesting. Are these people any good?

    4. Lunarpages Business Hosting Plan for the $21.95/month Business Plan Linux. I love their professional support technicians and sales representatives, but their prices are a little high compared to their competitors. Are they any better than BlueHost/Host Monster or iX Web Hosting? If so, why?

    Please help me out between these three hosts in deciding which of them is the best choice for me and my sites.


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    Have you tried Host Gator?

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    I think the best way to find out who's the best is to do research. I believe that hostmonster is owned by bluehost.

    Also, remember this -- you get what you pay for, if you go cheap don't be expecting a whole lot of bandwidth!

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    ixwebhosting is slow. I have them for 3 years and plan to move to 1and1.
    You can test out my gallery at ganoi dot com slash truongga. (sorry because the policy here don't allow me to post the full link) and compare the speed to another gallery at michaelpierce dot com hosted by 1and1.

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