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    Domain Name Problems With Netbunch/Web Host

    Ever since Web Host took over Netbunch I've suffered one indignity to another and now they no longer answer my support tickets nor will they respond to my requests for total access to my domain name so I can transfer my domain name to a new web host.

    Is there anyone here who could offer me a solution on how to get these people to respond to my request?

    I registered my domain name through when I signed up for services and when they switched to Mesopia and Netbunch under Jay, everything was fine, up until these problems with Web Host Plus. The only answers I get from them are invoices to pay my bill.

    While my domain name was registered on behalf of me through Enom is there anything anyone could offer on what I have to do to get control of my domain name?

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    Sorry to hear about your difficulties, I would try contacting WHP to take the domain back or at least change DNS for domain to your new host. If they refuse to do so ask if you can pay a small fee to get it under your ownership in your own ENOM Account, as that will be better for you in the long run.

    Also try contacting ENOM as they have fast response time and they may be able to help with this problem if you provide all the facts/info to them.

    Good luck
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    thanks, the last time I tried contacting enom they told me to go through my web host, which I've tried on countless of occassions. I just sent them an email describing my problem ... Netbunch/Web Host is perpetrating fraud by holding my web domain out of spite and they won't release it to me ...

    they are well aware (Netbunch/Web Host) that I want to transfer my site but they are giving me such a hard time about it.

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    This thread should answer some of your questions, Mr. Wolfe.

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