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    Looking for Fast and Reliable

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post so thank you in advance for your advise. I'm looking for three things in a host and although I've read many reviews I haven't found anything that properly answers my concerns. So here goes:

    I would like a host with:

    1) As fast as possible response. My limited understanding suggests that hosting companies can be directly connected to "backbones" or something and this has a major impact? Oh and visitors are currently primarily US/Canada with some traffic from Japan and Europe.

    2) Reliability. If it goes down once or twice a year that cool, or if there are periodic upgrades thats fine as well, but nothing over the top.

    3) Domains. Ability to host multiple domains. I have 6 or 7 sites that I'd like to host of the account. Only one of them will ever get any serious bandwidth. At the moment its about 2 gigs / month, but potentially it could grow significantly. To put it in perspective it was about 100megs / month this time last year.

    So it really boils down to... who is fast?

    Budget. For the moment just a Shared Hosting package. $$$ isn't too much of a concern, but for what I'm doing with it I don't see any reason to go crazy yet. The standard $10 range seems reasonable... give or take...

    That being said I'm not that familiar with my options so if VPS for example is a better fit for my needs the please educate me to why ... I'm all ears.

    Thanks again!

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    Your requirements are very fair and most hosts that are reputable in the industry should be able to provide that for you.

    Just look for hosts that allow multiple domain hosting as well as other useful features. If your target visitors are in USA and Canada then it shouldn't be a big problem, most hosts in the US also have good latency for visitors in Europe as well.

    Dig around and look for something that suites you, I don't think you will require a VPS and for $10 you won't be able to purchase any very reliable VPS Packages as well..

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    Good luck
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    Have you looked at to see 'who is fast?'
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    Hi Guys,


    Cirtex: k... good to know... thanks for the vps clarification... and no $10 wouldn't be enough I was merely trying to convey that I suspected shared is good enough and standard rate is what i'd like to pay... ... i just don't want someone discounting another solution because of dollar amount, because money isn't key to it... if it costs me more money thats fine, I'd just need a little convincing as to why it would help...

    crusetech: no is something I'll check out right now... ... thanks for the pointers guys! anyone else?

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    1,258 might be another good place to look.

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    Well, the only real way to find out if a host is reliable is to ask for proof of uptime, the ones that actually keep their guarantee will have it.

    As for speed, just ask for a test file from a host, you should receive speeds of 500kb/sec EASILY at any time of day. This will show you 1. that a host doesn't have overloaded servers 2. they have a quick connection to the net that has great room for expansion

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    As has been already been said, most hosts you will find will have good latency within North American and to Europe. As long as they don't overload their servers and oversubscribe their bandwidth too much, you should be fine. Somewhat of a good indication is running a trace route to the site, which you can do by opening up command line in Windows and using the "tracert" command.

    For $10 a month you'll find a whole lot. Just be sure you don't fall into the trap of those hosts that offer unrealistic amounts of space and bwidth. Good luck.
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    It might be worth searching for datacenters you like and which have the routing you need, then looking for a host within that datacenter.

    For the best international connectivity, SoftLayer seems to be top for now, though favourites seem to change very quickly in the web hosting industry.

    Certainly worth asking for an IP to ping and a test file to download. Do these tests from all you're required locations prior to buying. Generally the hosts with the best international connectivity are a little more expensive as multiple carriers doesn't come cheap.

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    Most of the provided sites "test speed" only from 1 location, and the routing of that location could be the reason of a high or low "speed"
    You better ask to one of the host on your list to a speed test file, most host does have it and test it by yourself.
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