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    1000mbs .euro !?

    need some help to find good 1000mbs port in euro with good storage space like leaseweb but elsewhere.

    any reseler ?
    1000mbs port
    15 to 30 tera bw month
    5 to 10 tera hdd space

    for a data storage compagny thanks a lot

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    interested in as much storage as well but a 100mbit (not shared) will do

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    I also interested in cheap euro host with 200Mbit unmetered. No need in big storage though.

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    here in Germany are many good, not overselled, hosters. But Beware ! It will cost a lot. I don´t know how good the speed in other european countries is but this hosts are big hosters with good datacenters.

    Hosteurope has also a phonenumber for international users.
    ( just scroll down the phonenumber under "international erreichbar über" is the right one )

    I think Hosteurope is the Hoster of
    If you need more Space just ask them ! Both of them are professionals !

    Then there is Host I don´t know if the speed ist good but the Hoster offers
    special File/Backup Servers. I think you are searching for one of these.

    In german forums you can read some funny stuff about the leader of the company. Just watch the presentation video.

    He seems to be a cool guy -> look at his jogging short ^^.
    But they seem to be good. Here is the website of their datacenter

    The following 2 Hosters are also really good but much smaller then the one from above. Maybe this is better for you because they can conzentrate more on you.

    Just ask them for an dedicated 1 GB line. I think they can offer it.

    If these hosts aren´t the right just ask in the german forum

    There are many good hosts wich can offer you customized servers and can help you and support you.

    I hope I could help you. I can´t garanty for that I wrote but I heared only good about these hosts except of NGZ. They are really cheap and I think in the last month they kicked some users of the cheaper servers because they used to much traffic. But I think if you sign up for one of the bigger servers they won´t kick you.

    If you can´t understand anything just ask me. I will translate it for you ( via PN )
    but I think if you will phone them, they can help you because many of them speak english.

    Greetings from Germany

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