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    Lightbulb Are you SICK and TIRED being in the hosting, development, or SEO business???

    If you are SICK and TIRED of being in the hosting, development or Search Engine Optimization business we can probably rescue you!!!

    We are interested anytime someone is looking to "sell" hosting, development or SEO customers.

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    huh sounds kinda weird..only three accounts but 10 by the end of next month, and they offer unlimited accounts

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    Didn't notice the "unlimited".....

    However, when they renew their accounts (in one month?) you *could* look at how much they're really using and put them on a plan that would suit their (individual) needs and still make a profit.
    Just a thought...

    Anyway, if I had the money, I would definately contact the seller before bidding...

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    I don't like the unlimited hosting as well. To me it's bumping up against false advertisement.

    It is interesting that they only have 3 accounts and 7 to follow. I don't really like this deal. I am wondering what type of sites these are, how long they have been hosted with this company.

    lets.pretend I will take your advise and prompt this person with questions. Thanks.

    Any other sellers out there!!!!

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