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    anyone knows HFW ( domains

    hi all,

    i want to transfer a domain from because of many problems to

    and i don't know is hostforweb for domains is good or have problems

    plz answer me i'm waitin' your opinioins to start the transfer ?

    and i have another question

    how much it takes to transfer a domain from to


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    On hostforweb's website, they advertise 99.5 uptime and "the latest technology - dual PIII servers"

    If this was 1998, I'd be impressed. Seeing that it isn't, all I can say is that its out of date, low end hosting with overpriced domains. Buy domains from a registrar unless you're getting an amazing price or they're free with a hosting package.

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    I wouldn't give even $0.02 for a company which is hiding behind a private whois.
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    HFW is a hosting company. I've been with them for 3 years and have been quite happy. Moved from reseller to VPS earlier this year and I have to say they have really been with me every step of the way and always there to help.

    But like most hosting companies, domain sales are of course just a secondary product to offer customers, no doubt at a higher profit margin. I'm sure you can shop around and find plenty of other choices, especially if price is a key criteria.

    I can't really say how their services are for domains since I have most of mine in my own reseller account and don't have any through them.
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