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    Reseller Host for Casino Gambling Sites


    I am looking for a Reseller Host which allows me to host the following:

    1.) Websites with Affiliate Banners for Online Casinos

    2.) Websites that run a WHITE LABEL Casino. I have to mention that a WHITE LABEL Casino is not the REAL Casino. Its like a BIG advertising on one website, of course the client thinks that this is the casino but when the user signs up he plays Blackjack, Roulette etc with a another Company, also the Casino programm is not running on the actual host. A White Label Casino is like if you Resell Webspace.. noone knows if a webhost is a reseller and who is behind it.

    3.) Servers should be located outside of the US, in countrys where online gambling is not a crime.

    4.) I prefer a LINUX Reseller Plan.



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    I think very few countries that meet your requirement have robust internet infrastructure. All the caribbean countries where gambling is legal are ruled out because of this reason. The only jurisdiction where is gambling is legal and also has solid hosting infrastructure is UK.

    Even in UK you can't use hosting companies that are subsidiaries and associates of US companies like Rackspace UK. Also the hosting companies like with significant US presence are also to be avoided because their US based offices can be forced to cooperate with US law enforcement agencies.

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