About the site
Clanadmintools.com which is a site that offers a free content management system developed for esport teams. This is a site that have been around since 2003 but the domain was aquired 2004.

The site gets about ~1500+ unique visitors/month. Then we also have a forum that have started to grow rapidly lately. Both sites is linked from DMOZ and have alot of incoming visitors from various scripts archives and gaming sites.

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Mail: [email protected]

Screen of stats from 2005: http://www.e4network.net/stats_cat.png
Screen of stats from 2006: http://www.e4network.net/stats_cat_2006.jpg
Screen of stats from 25 March - 27 sep 2006: http://www.e4network.net/stats_cat_2006_2.jpg

Michael "ArreliuS" Winberg
Founder of ClanWeb