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    Exclamation Call Centre Logging System - Help


    I need some help for a solution for my work, we need to try and setup a free IT Helpdesk software on our local intranet. We currently have a system an ex-staff member once made and the SQL backend is really messed up, ie. it dupes calls when you log them and also can override existing call logs.

    This is what we generally need:

    A Call Logging system:

    1st Line Support can Log Call by filling in required minimum data sets in text fields.
    Logged calls will have severity levels to priortise them.
    There would be one main worklist that all jobs go into but there would also be seperate worklists for each user so they have their own things to work on etc.
    An option to look up call log numbers.
    Search through logged calls
    Close calls.

    If anyone could give me some help whether its advice or info about some free open-source software that could be customised that would be useful to me.. then please reply with your thoughts.


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    free.. ok, whilst you could use Mantis for your system (and it'd fulfil all your listed requirements), there are several helpdesk projects available as well


    Try osTicket, or the 'free but you can buy more stuff later' at Cerberus. If you run windows, you might like to try Liberum instead

    You could try the commercial offerings (its not that expensive for a company), look at Kayako which has some nice features including Outlook integration.

    While you're at it, you might like to look at some knowledgebase type projects too, such as Owl or Knowledgetree
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