was set up in November 2005 and has been growing since. We get many visitors each day who read threads on the forum and we also get daily posts. With over 300 members and 3500 posts to be read is the perfect place for advertising your web radio or web hosting company or website.

The forum gets over 1000 unique visitors every month and has a PR4; with many pages within the forum having PR2.

You can see the traffic the website gets here:

The most popular type of advert we sell are our banner adverts; which are displayed at the header and footer of every thread on the forum! For only $10 a month you will be added to the rotation.

To get a banner advert on you will need a banner which is within 728px by 90px (dimensions) and isn't flash. Then click the link below to subscribe (you can cancel at any time!) via paypal, your advert will be displayed for as long as the subscription is running. When you've paid if you PM me (or email me at: info[at]talkshoutcast[dot]com) with your banner and the website you wanted it pointed at.

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For only $5 a month you can get a static text link on the bottom of every fourm page! Your link will be next to Paid:. To get a text link simply subscribe (click below) and then PM or email the website you want the text link pointed to and the words you want in the link to info[at]talkshoutcast[dot]com

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If you have any more questions please PM me or email me at: info[at]talkshoutcast[dot]com. We try to get all adverts up within 24 hours of payment and details being supplied!