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    Arrow relaunched in its second version. Review Plz

    The Team of is proud to announce that we can present you HHB in its second Version.
    After over 2 years and hundreds of hours of hard work we finally got HHB2 online.

    Except the rationale from HHB everything else has changed.

    The most obvious is definitely the professional new design created by BiophonC.
    The whole software HHB is based on, was programmed from scratch by puRe.
    The website, consisting of more then 6000 texts, has been translated by StarBuG into English and German.
    HHB2 also has a new webserver which is a lot faster then the old weak server from HHB1.
    And last but not least the new Graffiti Arena in which you can now compete your graphical art skills with other writers from around the world.

    But there is so much more that has changed...

    Have a look:

    Press release 2006/09/01

    We realy would like to have some review opinions about the new Version of our Project.

    Things like:
    - How do you like the new design?
    - How is the page navigation for you?
    - Do you get what the site is all about?
    - How long did it took you to figure out where to find the interesting stuff (battle audios/graffiti)?
    - Any suggestions?
    - Any criticism?

    Best regards and thank you

    StarBuG - Version 2
    The new standard in online hip hop battles

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    The first impression that I have: 'nice'. The design is really in hophop style.
    The use of colors is nice (black/grey/orange/yellow) and I especially like the 'NEWS' text.

    Navigation is pretty easy and I knew fast enough what this whole site is about.

    A good redesign if you ask me.
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    Thank you for your review.

    Any more thoughts from other users on our Project?

    It would realy be appreciated.


    StarBuG - Version 2
    The new standard in online hip hop battles

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    nice design. Only one suggestions put the add on the bottom.

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    Which add do you mean? The skyscraper? - Version 2
    The new standard in online hip hop battles

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    google adsense

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    Nice design. I will put a little more of color on it. And maybe like a Radio on the main page.

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    Iloilo, Philippines
    nice site .. i like it ... perhaps a favicon would be a good adition

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    Thank you for the feedback.

    The favicon actually is a good idea (bookmark, del.ico, etc.) - Version 2
    The new standard in online hip hop battles

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