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    Adbrite Advertising

    What in your opinion is the best way to advertise on Adbrite? What seems to work the best when it comes to driving traffic into clients?

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    Advertise on websites that have visitors who might want to buy hosting.
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    We used it a couple months ago, had it on for a month under the big sites I think it cost around $6k in that period.
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    Adbrite can be very tricky, do research on the sites you're advertising on and make sure you're getting the target traffic you're looking for and not the unwanted type of traffic for your services such as webdesign, hosting or seo and so on.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with Cirtex about Adbrite. UR2DV8, you must be very careful with them because you may get not that traffic you intended to have.

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    Adbrite is ok, however just like any advertising campaign if you target the wrong people, have a bad ad or bad site, you will waste a-lot of money real quick.

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    I agree, adbrite is a good place to go if you want unique traffic but don't expect hosting customers from this..

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    They might be good for adult content sites, however I would suggest to check few others too.

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