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    Question How do I change my email server from a hosted one to an inhouse one?

    I am currently running on a hosted server and wish to change it to an inhouse Microsoft Exchange Server. The installation of the Microsoft Exchange server is not a problem - However how do I redirect the messages from going to the old hosted server to the current one in the organization? Do I also require the Microsoft Web server for that?

    Any insight or information will be greatly appreciated. If you have come across any URL which you think holds elements of information usefull kindly post them as well.

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    You simply would need to change your MX records in the DNS. Also you would need to create a new A record.

    For example: in a IP ADDRESS
    mail in mx 30
    [ Jason Berresford | Admin ]
    [ [email protected] ]
    [ (905)765-8140 ]
    [] [Can-Host Networks]

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    If the Microsoft Exchange Server is a full email server, what you would need to do is ask your web host to map a subdomain onto the IP address of your server running Exchange, and make this the "MX" record for the domain in question.

    If however Exchange is just an email proxy server, you would probably want to set up Exchange to check the email, and distribute it locally.

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