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    I was wondering if it was possible to change the partitioned space on one of my drives without losing the data and reformatting? For some reason the wizards at LT decided to assign all but 3GB of the main HD to /home leaving a massive 3GB for / (most of which is taken up by /usr, leaving me 28MB of free space even with the apache logs deleted). I have over 150GB of data on the server and would hate to have to start over, anyway I can fix this? I have over 100GB of extra space on /home.

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    Re-sizing will corrupt your current data in /home better you back up the data and ask the DC to re-partition the HDD.
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    Use symlinks move some data around not possible to resize a partition without a gameplan basically...backing up your data first otherwise it would be just trashing it when you delete a partition and re-create a new one which is what you would need to do if you resized

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