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    New host - Australian


    As most of us know Australian bandwidth is highly expensive and just not affordable. How ever I have found some Australian colocation unmetered outbound with about 10gb inbound for around $200 . What i'm wondering is does webhosting use that much inbound? As far as I can think of is user requesting data off the server then server sends(outbound) And users uploading files.

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    Uses enough that your cost are going to be through the roof in overages.

    Checking a couple of switches of mine figure for every 1TB out using about 200 gig in.
    So figure what they are going to charge you for overage and you will be shocked, last time I did it was about $3k for the same bandwidth I would pay $200 over all in and out for in the US.

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    Thanks for your reply, i'll be looking into how much it will cost for 200-250gb inbound

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    10gb inbound is definitely not enough for a web server.
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    For me, I had explored the Australian hosting market for a long time, still can't figure out how to make a decent profit if I put servers in Australia, very expensive. The price you have to sell will be many times that of say USA competitors.

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