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    $64/mo -- 2.66 CeleronD / 512 RAM / 80 SATA Drive

    Configure your server exactly as you would like it! You can select from nearly any
    speed of processor, amount of RAM or hard drive setup that you would like. We also
    custom install the OS to your needs.

    Our basic $64 "CeleronD Series" package includes:

    2.66 GHz CeleronD EM64T
    512 MB RAM
    80 GB SATA Drive
    1000 GB Bandwidth

    Our datacenter has all the usual trimmings (UPS failover to generator, etc) as well as dual 10Gbps links in various directions (one routes east, one routes west) onto a private 10Gbps global backbone.

    For more details and ordering information, please visit:

    Check out this review from one of thousands of satisfied customers:

    Datarealm Internet Services has been exclusively hosting web sites for more than 10 years.

    Datarealm Internet Services, Inc /
    [email protected]

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    is it included Cpanel?

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