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    Creating an association

    Hi guys,

    As time goes, and nothing change, I would like to propose my idea to the members, that are mostly friendly here.

    I was thinking, why not to create an official organisation, with ability for some people to become members. The system would work on a small yearly membership of 50-100$.

    The organisation would have as goal :

    - Maintain a shared blacklist
    - Offer tips as people does here
    - Fight hackers
    - Fight spam/spammers
    - Fight various attack
    - Offer / Promote solutions for stopping spam
    - Offer / Promote configurations and security improvements for servers
    - Take legal actions against script kiddies (such as Kane)

    Of course, it is only an idea, but it can be a great way to fight against people like "kane", for small and active company that does not want to spend all their money for this kind of problems.

    Please, feel free to participate to the idea.
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