The scenario is all too common: as a web-host, your client asks you for support with their PHP script, but for whatever reason, you lack the resources to help them. Or perhaps your client needs help with installing their forum, but again it's not feasible for you to provide support for third-party software. The success of your hosting business depends on websites. But, if your client cannot maintain his or her website, you might lose business. Wouldn't it be great if you could send your clients to a trusted resource when they run into trouble instead of just turning them down?

YoungCoders, the premier forum for young programmers and designers, is prepared to make a mutually beneficial deal with a select few hosting companies. If your hosting company refers clients who have programming or design questions to YoungCoders and places a link or banner in your support center or site, YoungCoders will offer you a free-of-charge, text-link advertisement next to one of our categories for as long as you refer clients to us. For example, you could place “For help in setting up third-party software and programming in PHP, Ruby, or HTML, please ask on the YoungCoders Programmers Forum” on your support site, which qualifies you for a free category sponsorship on the YoungCoders forum index.

This is mutually beneficial because we refer developers that are in need of hosting to you while you refer developers back to us for help. In essence, we will share a member base and help each other grow. With YoungCoders getting over a thousand hits per-day, it's a deal you cannot pass up.

To be considered and to apply for this opportunity, please write to [email protected] or contact Mau on our forums. We will provide additional details and setup the deal. The deal is negotiable and we will do our best to accomdate you.

Look forward to hearing from you,