SuperbServers, one of the biggest and most reputable dedicated server providers, continues to follow its registered trademark and remain Ahead of the Rest.(R), as it is one of the first major dedicated server providers to offer the fastest dual CPU servers ever, using the new Intel Woodcrest CPU!

Available at both our East Coast (McLean, VA) and West Coast (Seattle, WA) data centres.

New, 40% faster than any current dual processor CPU, Woodcrest CPU servers, ultra-powered with 2GB RAM basis, 320GB SATA drives, etc., starting at just $349/month! Opteron is history, technology of the past. If you want your server to be fast today and still usable by then-current-standards next year, you need to get an Intel Woodcrest dual CPU server today, truly the fastest servers available at this time!

Also available: fastest single CPU servers, Intel CONROE CPU (Dual Core 2) servers, starting at just $129/month.

Why buy a server from a provider stuck in the past, using outdated hardware (dual core or Opteron), when you can have the newest, fastest CPU, with one of the world's largest and oldest hosting providers?

the new EXTREME server, starting at $349/month:
Dual 5130 Woodcrest 2.0 Ghz
2500 GB Monthly Traffic*
2 IPs

Single CPU CONROE CPU (Dual Core 2) options --

PRIME server, starting at $129/month:
E6300 Conroe 1.86 Ghz
1250 GB Monthly Traffic*
2 IPs

EDGE server, starting at $159/month:
E6600 Conroe 2.4 Ghz
1500 GB Monthly Traffic*
2 IPs

See all the server options, pricing, etc. at:

Why settle for a lesser, less reputable and less established host and a small local network, when you can get it all from one of the industry's oldest and most respectable companies, Superb Internet Corp., SuperbServers division, on the industry-leading coast-to-coast backbone? (reaching most networks directly via 1-2 hops as peers, and for the ~45% non-peer destinations using UUnet/MCI, Level 3, Global Crossing, France Telecom & ELI for transit)

No one else can provide service even close to that, nor have a strong SLA to match ours - 100% uptime, no packet loss, under 3ms latency to local transits, with strong credit back provisions. Just how strong is our SLA and how do we uphold it? In the five+ years that we've had it effect, there has not been a single claim per the SLA -- as we always meet and exceed our SLA guarantees (despite the fact that our guarantees are higher and more than almost anyone else is prepared to offer). SLA details:

Superb Internet Corp. is the industry's highest renowned web host (having received more awards than any other company, especially in customer service and quality of service), strong and in business for over 10 years.

Some other noteworthy SuperbServers current offers --

The industry's most rewarding reseller program.
We truly value resellers -- and always have. Ever since the company inception in 1996, most of its growth has been fuelled by its greatly valued resellers. Your success as a reseller means our success - and we are always fully committed to our resellers and helping in any and all ways that we can. As such, resellers receive up to 45% off the list prices - making the SuperbServers reseller program the most profitable in the market. For further details, please contact us at:
(note: prospective resellers must be qualified, first, before our confidential discount schedules are disclosed)

An excellent affiliate program.
If you don't want to be a reseller but still want to make money and have potential dedicated server and/or shared hosting buyers visiting your site, join our affiliate program and receive $150 for all server sign-ups, and $65 for shared hosting account sign-ups. The affiliate program has the potential for $10,000s of monthly recurring revenue for an affiliate for simply driving qualified traffic to our site.
For further details, see:

And last but definitely not the least - the superior QoS, support, SLA and network.
For further details, please review &

Performance testing servers:
(for running traces to and from, test downloads and test streaming from, etc.)
East Coast (McLean, VA):
West Coast (Tukwila, WA):

The superior network spans many states (New York, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Illinois, California, and Washington state) and major cities and thus has direct peering with most of the large ISPs/cable/DSL providers and major National and International networks/backbones (see the link above). More than 50% of traffic is transit-free and goes directly to the end destination network within just 1-2 hops! This is a great advantage, as you will enjoy direct connectivity to these major networks and their customers (no intermediary transit networks), which means greater performance and lower latency.

Reference: Contact us for reference client contact details. We have some clients that can be contacted as a reference in regards to performance of our network for high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive, high-performance use, as well as our 100% uptime.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime 24x7x365 via phone, live chat, e-mail, or a PM in response to the post here. We are always ready & happy to help You.

Yours Truly,
the SuperbServers Sales Team