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    Mobile Phone Unlocking Script

    Ever wanted to offer a website that unlocks mobile phones? Well now you can!

    I am selling a script that allows the user to input their mobile details and it will generate and email them a unlocking code to open their mobile phone to all networks.

    The script is complete with an installer and an admin panel, the user can set payments on or off. If you can get the traffic you can easily make some profits, many people want to unlock their phone to all networks.

    ** Note: This doesn't include any rights, your are free to use it, but you can't sell it on.**

    Working Example of the Script:

    Price: $225 via PayPal

    Send me a pm for payment details.

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    Don't you see what that is? SCAMMER that took my script and tried to sell it for $25

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    Unlocking Script Payment Details

    hi please send me details on how to pay for this script and can you send some sort of proof the script works along with info on how to use? thanks

    michaelsammyjr at hotmail dot com

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    Your link gives a 404 error message.

    Please check it, as I might be interested to check this script.

    Edit -
    Oh, nevermind, I just realized that mikeybear brought back online a 7 years old thread. Moderators feel free to delete my post.
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