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    Server just for MySQL


    the load on my servers is realy bad.. its because of the mysql since all sites hosted on my servers use mysql and have to load it everytime on nearly every page!

    i currently use directadmin on all my servers but my question is how would i setup another server just for the mysql and config the main site servers to use the remote mysql server? and about phpmyadmin.. how would i config all this to work right?

    also.. any recommend specs i should go for?


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    I don't think DA is able to do that. You may want to try contacting DirectAdmin directly about this.

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    DA doesn't have the ability to setup a remote server by default like Cpanel does. DA does have the ability to allow other servers to access the mysql system to use with access hosts. However, you would need to either setup a new DA server and then connect to mysql on that OR get someone to deploy the new server and then install the databses you need on it with the users you need on it too. If you are going to get a company to manage the server - 9/10 times they have staff who will be able to do this for you.
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    Hmm ok, if say i had 2 servers one for the sites and one for mysql could i use say directadmin on main site and cpanel on the mysql? unless you recommend another control panel for both servers? (not plesk please.. i hate that control panel)

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    Sure this can be done with directadmin (have to set it up manually), I've been looking into doing it myself soon.
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