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    Nrgservers not responding

    So two days ago i signed up for a 50 slot high quality ventrilo company and paid through paypal as they said i wuld recieve an email in 1 to 3 hours regarding the setup of my server. After a day i didnt recieve any such email so i sent them two emails asking what the hold up could be and still havent recieved an answer. Anyone kno what could be going on?

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    Using past whois data I was able to find there address. Using a reverse address search, the best I was able to come up with is there neighbors phone number.

    Other than that.. your stuck with emailing them.
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    Yes, the same happened to me... I ordered it yesterday in the evening (6 PM GMT+1)

    But stll have not got any emails regarding the server.
    Also I have tried to sent them a couple of emails. But no response YET.

    Could anyone confim wether is a good/trustworthy host?

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    I've used them in the past. Seems ok to me, support was never slow or anything. Maybe they are experiencing some difficulties or something? Let me know what happens, I'd hate to see NRG's good rep. go down the drain...

    -Greatly Appreciated
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