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    Win32 Programmer Available

    I'm currently offering my services to anyone who is looking for Win32 application development, I have extensive experience working in Visual Basic (3.0-6.0) and C++. I have roughly 10 years of programming experience and am capable of creating any type of application (firewall, server monitor, sales tracker, customer tools), whatever it is, I can accomplish.

    Some of my most recent large projects included an Anti-Cheat application called "VeXSecure" which was used in, and other competetive gaming leagues.

    I have been a programmer for major corporations, not just a freelancer.

    However at this time I'm only looking to design small-mid sized applications.

    Hourly rate $30 per hour for C++, $22 an hour for Visual Basic. Applications in both languages the same, C++ applications are marginally faster. Will only require 25% payment upfront, rest required after you're totally happy with the work completed.

    Will provide quote based on your request, hourly rate will not exceed quoted amount. Very fast and proficient programmer, most applications should not exceed $100. Give your customers tools your competitors don't offer, will help you select features if desired.

    Please send me an email for more [email protected]
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