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    Question FreeBSD Server

    Dear WHT members,

    I need FreeBSD server with following options;

    CPU : Zeon (or Dual Core)
    Ram : 2G
    Traffic : unmetered 10 M(or 10M Dedicated)

    OS : FreeBSD 5.x with
    Apache 1.3.36
    PHP 5.1.4
    Mysql 4.1.20

    I prefer any dedicated server in Peer1 IDC.

    I met Serverbeach but they don't provide FreeBSD server.

    If you know any FreeBSD server provider who has server in Peer1, please let me know it.


    PS: My budget should be up to $500 / Month.
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    I assume you're looking for a managed server since you listed the software with it? Most places will install FreeBSD for you...every server I have is BSD.

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    I need FreeBsd Server in Peer1 IDc. That's why to meet the Serverbeach.
    However, serverbeach doesn't provide FreeBSD server.

    I check serveral dedicated server provider's network with downloading speed.

    Only, Peer1 network meet my need.

    I have a Redhat server in Serverbeach which is good.

    Additionally, I want FreeBSD server in Peer1 IDC.

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    Order a host at the Peer1 IDC with Redhat and then run the following to install FreeBSD over it.

    I would also recommend you run the 6.x brance which is currently at 6.1 as you will see much better performance with the SMP and other features vs the 5.x branch. The apps you listed are very easy to install via the FreeBSD Ports



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