Just got out of a meeting and this is what I need to learn. I need to learn how to have flash read off a XML file and generate data from that. I just want a feel as to how hard this will be to learn when I have no flash knowledge (don't know any actionscript or the program itself actually), just very basic XML knowledge, and hardly any javascript knowledge (I don't know if JS would be involved in this). I need to know where to start. If I start learning flash, should I jump right into actionscript or go through simple tutorials on using the program (buttons, tweening, etc.)

Also, let's say the flash file/movie has a lot of pictures, and you want to filter them using a specific property (e.g. by name, date, etc.) that should be pretty easily to implement right?

I guess at this point I'm hoping that I can learn this in a decent amount of time because I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Also, any small simple projects that can help will be great.