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    Arrow Ebay web hosting listings?

    How effective is advertising your hosting account(s) on Ebay? I see many listings for web hosting there ( Does anyone actually look for web hosting in Ebay?
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    Re: Ebay web hosting listings?

    Originally posted by ChowSumDung
    Does anyone actually look for web hosting in Ebay?
    Only people you don't want to have as a customer, I'm sure.

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    Unless you're willing to give away the world for $19.95 per year, they're not that effective.

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    I don't think it works well...

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    I think a lot of the ridiculously low deals are covered by the hidden "service charges". I checked a few of the seller's profiles, and buyers would often complain about the set up fees that weren't described in the auction description.

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    It's a good way to get the word out about your company, but pretty crappy for actually picking up customers.

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