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    Arson destroys Ohio landmark

    I really hate people who can't respect history:
    How do you guys feel about arsonists (and vandalism in general)?
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    I think it should fall under the appletreats crime plan.

    All vandals and arsonists must spend the rest of their lives without a home.

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    As much as I hate vandals, and I truly do, leaving structures abandoned, deserted, and unguarded for 24 years and expect no one to touch it. Typcially, deserted structures like this are eventually vandalized or destroyed unless something is done with them. Again though, I don't like vandalism (really, really don't like it), and this shouldn't be an excuse. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Re: Arson destroys Ohio landmark

    Originally posted by bigkirby
    How do you guys feel about arsonists (and vandalism in general)?
    I don't get it.. and I never have. I grew up repecting other people's property and I can't remember ever having an urge to vandalize anything. Maybe I had good parents or something

    There seems to have been a shift in attitude the past few years in which kids seem to have little to no respect for law and property (not all kids of course). It's trully worrying that I have a 2 year old growing up into that kind of world.

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    We have people starting fires all the time, it's like a trend in Australia at the moment

    Most of the time it's just to cause trouble, rather than destroy something of historical importance.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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    about time

    While i don't approve of vandalism or arson, and i think people should go away for life for doing it, as i just ha dmy car broken into and like 2k worth of stuff stolen out of it, and would love to get my hands around the neck of the guy that did it.
    But it sounds like this structure was ready to go down anyways, i have a huge disliking for people who dont take care of their property, exp. when that property is surrounded by beautiful houses or business's. If i was a mayor i would enact a ordinance that makes every business and every house adhere to a certain level of cosmetic appearance. If you cant do that, the house or business gets burned down or demolished. If you cant afford to keep your house in liveable condition and cant afford to fix small things like paint, and lawn work, then you shouldn't own a house or business. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    I live in Ohio

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