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    DO NOT USE SiteFlip!

    Just needed to post a warning to anyone considering SiteFlip. My basic expeirence is very similar to bth-blue.

    (Search on "siteflip" in thsi forum to see his thread.)

    My site had been hosted at SiteFlip for a couple of years, mostly without incident.

    A few months ago, SiteFlip had some catastrophic server failure and our site was gone. Dealing with their support w/r/t this was a huge hassle, and they were exceedingly rude during the whole process. First they said they didn't have any backups, then they said they did, etc. Eventually, it was resolved, but it was a pain, and it took DAYS.

    Then, this past Monday, our site was gone. SiteFlip's "Cheap Web Hosting" generic page was there in its place. If you looked at the site in IE/Win (and ONLY IE/Win), a small icon in the lower right corner appeared saying "SUSPENDED - Contact sales."

    It took multiple attempts to multiple contact addresses over the course of THREE DAYS to get an answer. The answer from (i.e., SiteFlip's outsourced support, I guess) was: "Contact [email protected]". So, I did, and was just told, "Cannot host site on this network. You have 48 hours to download this .gzip archive of your site."

    When I tried to follow up on this, I realized that had DELETED my support login. I had to create a new one in order to ask a follow-up question.

    I tried to go back the their site today, but it just keeps timing out, as does SiteFlip. One of my friends who recently cancelled an account with SiteFlip (and who was also trying to contact them w/r/t this site, as we co-manage) also can no longer get to either site from the machine where he submitted his requests. It seems ridiculous that they would block our IPs as some sort of final "F- you!", but that's what it looks like.

    I can only hope SiteFlip has canceleld my account, as I can't even get to their site to request a concellation. SiteFlip has also made sure that there is no way you get a phone number or meatspace address for their "business."

    Through all of this, I have still never been told why my site got booted, or why I'm being treated so poorly. I wasn't running a porn or warez site, wasn't sucking bandwidth, and AFAIK, was paid up in full. It was just a site for my band that maybe gets 5-6 hits a day.

    Anyway, I'm moving the site to, a host I've been using for five years now, and whom I cannot recommend enough. Great service, near-instant response time for support, and reasonable prices. Seriously, I'd been emailing their supoprt team as I was dealing with SiteFlip's crap, and it never took more than 15 minutes to get a response.

    I will obviously never use SiteFlip again, and this won't be the last place I tell my story. I'm also eventually moving my domains to a new registrar, as my current one is a reseller for, who were obviously complicit in SiteFlip screwing me over (SiteFlip is a reseller of theirs, I guess?).


    And if anyone can ever get me a phone number or physical address for them... I'd really appreciate it.

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    There always good host and there one Just try to make money.

    It seem to be affiliates site.

    There Nothink we can help you with you. There NO phone number or physical address.

    Administrative Contact:
    Private, Registration Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2599
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMatrix.NET
    There always good host and there one Just try to make money.
    They were fine until earlier this year. Now... forget it. Given their non-existent support and willingness to drop you at any time with no explanantion AND NO WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK, I can't see why anyopne should take a risk by hosting with them.

    It's possible I got booted because my domain gets spoofed by spammers quite a bit, so maybe a spam complaint came in. But that would mean that the people at SiteFlip/SSLcatacomb don't know how to read basic email headers, and that's just pathetic. Not to mention the lack of notification or ability to resolve the issue.

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    You flip off siteflip? Sorry - had to go there. The pun was just too tempting.

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