JVS as a Partner of Proline Computer Consultants is offering our Security Auditing Services for a super low price! I am a Certified Network Security Engineer and forensics specialist and specialize in Network Security auditing and Web Server auditing and optimization. Your data is only as secure as you make it, and we have Proven auditing techniques used to find even the smallest of flaws that can lead to a massive Security breach. Each Audit will be performed in a timely manner, as to not disrupt network functions. At the end of the audit, a detailed report will be generated. Each report will show what was tested, what was found, and the correct fixes to these listed issues. The report will then be delivered to the proper authorities of the company at hand, and support will be provided for the fixing process. Each audit takes genrally anywhere from 1-5 hours as a base time frame, but varies on the detail of the scan you want performed.

Our Auditing service includes the following;

- Comprehensive Network/Server enumeration process
- Extensive Vulnerability Assessment
- Vast Port/service mapping techniques
- Ddos Mitigation measures
- Directory attacks
- And more

I will charge a basic Flat fee of $125.00 per audit, per server for the next 30 days from today 9/29/06. Your audit is fully tax deductable, as i will write you a written receipt, and you can claim it in your taxes(USA). You can now also assure your clients that you run a SECURE web hosting service/network so they can rest easy, knowing their sites and data are safe from compromises by attackers. Monthly and weekly Contracts are also available at a discounted price. With every sucessful audit and repair, you will get a Stamp of approval seal from Proline Computer Consultants that you can plug into your website, letting the public know you are secure!

Please contact shaunp[at]prolineconsultants[dot]com today