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    Over 1k Monthly forum membership site.

    The site is adult related, there for i will not directly be posting a link to it in this thread! Please do not post in the thread asking for the URL, Please PM me and ask me, this way you are sure to get it! Do not ask for it if you have no intentions of making a serious offer!

    Selling a adult related forum ran from vBulletin, and aMember Pro. comes with atleast 6 additional domains, but i beleive there is more then that i'll include if sold at BIN. All are registered at godaddy.

    Site is a amateur picture sharing community with roughly 10k users and 80k posts. The site earns on average 1k a month, and every month you earn more then the previous month. The site is hosted on a single server at Softlayer for $450 monthly, but can be hosted on less as i have other sites on the server that take up more resources. You can simply take the server over if you wish, or move the site on your server *I WILL MOVE THE SITE FOR YOU. I WILL SET IT UP* You MUST have a dedicated server with atleast a 100Mbps public port speed for fast transfer of files. Do not attempt to host this site on a VPS, or shared hosting!

    Site receives 20-40 new registrations daily, ~300 new posts daily with that number growing constantly. Numerous vBulletin modifications installed and customized for the forum to encourage posting and activity for everyone.

    Site receiving frequent listings on sites such as and traffic is steady at over 3k daily. PR 4 main page, and PR 3 forums. Bandwidth usage is under 1500GB monthly, which most service providers give with their forums. Payments are all processed by hand currently using a virtural terminal. You will be resonsible for finding your own billing soloution to charge credit cards. Amember comes with a high number already built in.

    Screen shots if you want some of a certain section let me know!

    Payment by, if sold at BIN 50/50 split, anything less is Buyer Responsibilty, preferred method is a certified check.
    Auction Ends: Friday Oct 6th at Midnight EST - unless BIN is met.
    Starting Bid: $5,000USD dont waste your replys by offering anything less.
    BIN: $17,500USD

    Also for sale at DigitalPoint Thanks everyone!

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    $12,500 current offer at DigitalPoint Forums via PM.

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