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    Looking for an EU based server

    I'm looking for a unmanaged server preferably in Europe and preferably with at least some decent email support.

    budget: around 130 Euros/ 165USD
    OS: Gentoo
    CPU: Pentium 3GHz or AMD equivilent
    Ram: 1GB
    hdd: =<80GB
    bandwidth: around 1000GB
    IP addresses: 2 preferably a couple more

    I'd apreciate any suggestions anyone has.

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    There is always Rackcheck, not sure what their support is like at the moment though?

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    Exportal can provide what you're after for 99 euros a month.
    Although they don't offer Gentoo as a standard option, I know they are happy to load most distributions on request so you could check that out with them.

    They are based in Poland but their servers are in Frankfurt, Germany.
    I have had a low end Celeron with them for three months now and found support to be prompt and so far no downtime that I know of.

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    What is your max budget? and preffered europe location?

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    LeaseWeb are my recommendation, although thier email support can be a bit slow without an SLA.

    You shouldnt have to use it except in the most extreme of cases though as they include APS's as standard. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    you can also try out they have data center in amsterdam like leaseweb.

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    point you in the direction of, alot of uk based hosts reside there

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    Thank you for your suggestions I will have a look at the above providers.

    SPB-Jeff my max budget is 130EUR and I am not particualy bothered about a specific location in Europe.

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    You better take a look at (translate it with babelfish), there is ton of good providers in Offers section
    Try ... and be aware of companies who are resellers of resellers and those resellers are .... (isnt one of this type?)
    Good luck
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