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    Number-based URL used in spoofing, how?

    Got this link in a spoof attempt:
    http://3394132803/icons/www.paypal.c...reInfo/paypal/ (obviously, do NOT enter any real information in the forms on this site)

    I've never seen a domain name in this format. If you go to http://3394132803/, there's an Apache welcome page. Still, I'm impressed because I didn't even know it's possible that numbers could constitute a domain name. I can't get nslookup to resolve this, so I can't figure out the IP address.

    This URL was accessible via both IE and Firefox. Perhaps it's a vulnerability w/ my OS, Win XP Pro SP2. Has anyone seen this before or know how it works?

    I'm just curious.


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    Take the decimal number, convert it to binary... break it apart into 4 even parts... convert back to decimal.

    11001010 01001110 01011011 01000011

    This is normal behavior.

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    You can convert an IP address to a base 10 (i.e., decimal) number and use it in a url. Most versions of IE, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, etc. will automatically convert the decimal number to an IP address for you. There are plenty of online IP to decimal converters. Here is an example:

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