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    Freeware Web Log Analyzer

    Can anyone recommend a freeware web log analyzer for Windows OS? thanks.

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    Awstats should be quite good, only issue is you will need to set a scheduled task to update the logs regularly.

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    Funnel Web Log Analyzer, by far the best one I have found!

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    Try out Web Log Storming ( A while ago I was also looking for free log analyzer, tried few popular and totally unknown ones - and among unknow ones happened to be a trial of Web Log Storming. Then monthly trial ended, I went on looking for another free or trial version, found some, installed, began to work with it - and all of a sudden realized that I truly miss WLS, for it was truly different. It's organized differently than most of other log analyzers - i would say it's intuitive. Give it a try, I'm positive you'll find it attractive.
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