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    Console Switches - Avocent, Tripp Lite, Raritan, etc

    Currently looking at a couple of different KVM Consoles.
    Just curious are certain brands more reliable than others. Support, Reliability, etc.

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    Are you looking at KVM over IP, or simple KVM? For simple KVM, we've used dlink products because of their cost.
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    EDIT: I just noticed that you said "KVM" in your message. If you're looking for a true KVM (i.e. something to access a graphical desktop), my post won't apply. If you're looking for a serial console, then it will. For environments where you're accessing Unix-based servers (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), serial consoles are much less expensive, easier to access, and require less cabling.

    We've had good luck with the Avocent/Equinox CCM1650. There is also an 8-port CCM850 available. If you're buying used (or overstock), the previous CCM840 and CCM1640 models work well also.

    The Avocent consoles so far have had all the features which we've needed. You can access it via telnet and SSH, and it supports multiple usernames (and simultaneous logins). You can also set the parameters for individual ports to set their baud speed and such.

    As with most vendors, the RJ45->DB9 adapters can be a bit pricey ($15 each for the true Avocent part number), however you can get generic versions for $5 from a company like SK Telecom Supply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crusetech
    Are you looking at KVM over IP, or simple KVM? For simple KVM, we've used dlink products because of their cost.
    are you use any kvm over ip with your d-links kvm?
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    Serial Console, or KVM/IP just go with Avocent/Cyclades. The extra cost is easily justified by the fact that it just works.

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    I like the belkin kvm over ip i have, works quite well and allows for 25 users per device
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