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    DataPowerHost is hiring SALES STAFF!

    DataPowerHost is seeking experienced people to join our Sales Team. These positions are remote positions (work from home).

    Below are the essential requirements:

    1. You must be of legal age to be bound by contracts.
    2. You must not own/co-own/partially-own another hosting company. Strong preference will be given to those who are not affiliated with any hosting company (own or work) as all of these positions may lead into full employment.
    3. You must provide references (minimum 2)
    4. You must be highly motivated, energetic, highly-skilled, passionate people, and dedicated yet still willing to learn more.
    5. Team players. You will be working as a team
    6. Fluent in English.

    Sales Representatives
    Number of Current Openings: 3

    - internet access (broadband or 24/7 connection preferred)
    - Knowledge of Cpanel (end user) inside out a plus
    - Good with promotions and getting customers.

    Answer pre-sales inquiries through live chat and support ticket system

    All payment is on commission bases. IF you think you can meet our requirements please send your resume along with 2 references to jobs [at]

    Please do not post on this thread, pm me, contact staff via live chat or contact staff via the helpdesk. We only accept applications via email. If you cannot follow those simple directions, then do not apply as we require people who can follow directions.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Added you to msn. waiting for you to approve.

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