I run Escaped Internet Services LLC. I have been around since 2002, but have actually been dormant for 1 of those years due to move. I am looking for someone who is interested in pooling resources together. Whether it be a partner or someone who has a vested interest in web hosting, I have a few components to make it work.

Here's what I have..

1) Modernbill 250 client owned license (4 & 5)
2) PHPLive!
3) Cpanel / WHM
4) Enom / Secure Cert

What you could offer..

1) Payment processor
2) Full control of business.
3) Integration help

Current expenses are $30/mn. I'd like to get a few customers before looking into upgrading to something else. I utilize Blurstorm as my provider. They have exceptional service and an incredible uptime. If you can help me with the above I will entrust 49% ownership of the business to you but you may keep 1/2 the money brought in.

email me! [email protected]