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    Unhappy Stay away from and

    I guess this is old news here but just take this as a reminder. I should have checked this forum before I signed up with them. That darn site is what made me signup with them.
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    * What happend

    Tell us what was the problem please.

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    If you search for these 2 hosts, it's basically the same story.

    About 2 years ago, I'm with C I H ost until they lost all my data due to a server crash (their backup failed too they claimed). Communitech e-amiled me (spam?) with a really good offer so I accepted their offer. I was with them for over 2 years with no problems becuase I believe, they are using high end type servers with Sun OS. I did not have to call their tech support for 2 yearss until recently. Lately my website started to gain some traffic and because of this they shut my site down WITHOUT NOTICE/WARNING. (I did not go over my allowable limit). They won't reactivate my account until I buy their dedicated server. They didn't care even if I'm a good paying customer and already with them for over 2 years. I had to beg for my site to be reactivated temporarily so I can prepare it for the move. I decided to go dedicated but of course not with them after what they've done. Next, I chose because of without investigating its backgroud. I was rushing to find a new host at that time. Big mistake! After about 20 days with aplus, my FTP service stopped working for no reason. That's when the nightmare bagan. Many calls, many promises that they'll call me back or email me back or wait 48 hours and so and so. No calls, no email. One tech lied to me that my space was full. I knew it wasn't but just to rid of the proble I bought more space. Of course, the extra space did not fix the problem. After 1 week, my site still down. My trouble tix got closed twice without them fixing the problem. I wonder if they ever looked at the problem.
    In short, terrible customer service/tech support from both hosts.

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    on the subject, i meant APLUS.NET not
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    I decided to go dedicated but of course not with them after what they've done.
    You may not need a dedicated server at all. There have been reports here from people who've gotten dedicated servers at other companies after similar problems with CommuniTech, only to find they were using *much* less bandwidth than CommuniTech claimed. I'd try a reputable host with a high bandwidth allotment before going dedicated on CT's unsupported claim that your site is a high-bandwidth site.
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    what was your monthly bandwidth usage and quota?

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    i'm allowed up to 10 GB/mo and using about half of that

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    Most hosts now adays can offer you 10 gigs transfer a month for less than 10$ You are currently using half of that ? 5 gig's ? You most certianly don't need a dedicated server unless your running some seriously intensive CPU hoging scripts.

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    i think they shut me down because of the cpu prcesses. i believe, if a user go over 1/200 cpu usage, they shut that user down. over 200 users share one machine. though cpu usage is not limited as per TOS.

    communitech are practicing false advertising. they're advertise with big space & bandwidth for a low price to attract customers then they selectively keep customer that don't use much resources. if you have a big site or your site grows later on, they'll shut you down! the only fix is to buy their very expensive private server.

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    I have heard things like that before its usally an excuse to cover up for bandwidth usage..... What sort of scripts where you running on your site ?

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    phpbb 2. similar to this one.

    i don't mind paying more but what i did not like is they just suddenly shut my site down. they should have given me a warning or notice that i'm using too much resources that i should upgrade. i found outfrom other users that this is a normal practice by CT.

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    If your only using 5 gigs of transfer you realy shouldn't be paying much more than $20/month even with phpbb running. Its a pretty efficent script. Theres quite a few virtual hosts around that would host your site. Unless you realy want a ded-server.

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    what would u recommend as a good host for phpbb? (up to $30, 350M Space, 10G BW)

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    Originally posted by mabaitpagtul

    communitech are practicing false advertising. they're advertise with big space & bandwidth for a low price to attract customers then they selectively keep customer that don't use much resources. if you have a big site or your site grows later on, they'll shut you down! the only fix is to buy their very expensive private server.
    that is far from the truth. i have 3 domains with communitech .. i've had all 3 of them for 2 years, and they are the best.

    my site used to be really large, with several webcams, and about 15 hostees all with webcams. communitech gives me unlimited bandwidth, and that has never been an issue.

    i did get one of my domains shut down for 12 hours do to file sharing - i put up a full length concert on my website and everyone and their mother downloaded it. communitech shut my site down, and rightfully so! i called them, apologized, and they re-activated my account in 5 minutes.

    anyways, that's my 2 cents. i love communitech, and i will never switch webhosting companies

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    web cams software don't use a lot of resources. it just uploads jpg files periodically. also, communitech doesn't provide unlimited bandwidth unless you know somebody who works there or you're paying them a lot of money... like paying for 3 underutilized domains. (CT loves people like you)
    shutting down a paying customer who's not violating TOS and without notifying him/her first is a bad business practice. Like you, I was satisfied with communitech until my site started to grow. Now that I have a new host, I also found out that communitech is slow. You can't really compare CT to others if you have no others to compare CT with.
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    mabaitpagtul, I apologize that your decision to go with Communitech from Tophosts left you in the lurch after two years of positive service from this company. We certainly do take this kind of negative feedback into consideration when considering which companies are profiled and ranked within our directory.

    Jocelyn, I am glad that you posted your positive comments with Communitech. It seems that for every 5000 negative posts about a company, one person will say something positive. Specific to Communitech, I have personally, visited their datacenters and have seen first hand their commitment to service and the level of technology and support that they offer would leave many hosting competitors drooling - i've seen it and I know that they pay a lot of attention to their customers.

    That being said we certainly send a lot of businesses to hosting companies where they get great service and are very happy. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. When your business is going well and you're happy with your vendors people are less likely to give props.
    On that note, I was very happy with the service i received from a local telephone shop for my new cordless Uniden phone. They really helped me with a problem that the phone had and they were willing to exchange for a better model at no cost and no questions answered! If you're interested in their contact let me know. Its certainly hard to get a good phone these days

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    I don't know how TopHosts does their rating, they placed Communitech and Aplus.Net on their Top 10 but if you search the net about these 2 hosts, you'll see more negative info about them. I also found out that was dropped by Better Business Bureau from their list due to many unresolved complaints.... and they're on tophosts' top10????

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    I don't know how TopHosts does their rating
    It's called who has the cash.

  19. I resell with CommuniTech, and have for ages. I've been with them through price changes, new service introductions, hard drive crashes, and more. Regardless of what you think of their excessive usage policy, you can't doubt that they don't doa good job with their network. Have you seen their NOC? They have people that know what they're doing 24/7. If something happens at 3am, I don't have to worry that it won't be taken care of.

    Although recently I've been moving accounts that don't justify a CT account to another service, I still put all accounts where uptime is a major concern with CommuniTech.


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    I've been with in the past. I had to deal with both their sales and support staff. They surely did NOT know what they were doing.

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