We have a client on one of our VenturesOnline servers that wanted an additional FTP account. I know you can make FTP accounts through their control panels, but this restricts access to the one directory. This client was wanting access to the entire account. I did have this set up, by editing the /etc/proftpd/passwd.vhost and adding a line there. This allowed the second user to upload files, but these files were still owned by the original user (what I wanted). However, it seems that this file is getting rewritten everyday, and the second user has to be recreated daily. My question is, what could be causing this? Is there a way to stop it? Also, is there a better way to go about doing this? I have set up seperate accounts on the server before, and made the home directory a symbolic link to the original user's directory, however this meant that the files were owned by the respected username of the FTP account, something I'd rather not mess with. Any help would be appreciated.