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    Has anyone given Slicehost a try or heard anything about them? They provide Xen VPSs and there service is just what I'm looking for - basic and unmanaged for development purposes.

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    Everything I've heard has been very positive. I don't currently have an account with them, but am considering one as my "play" account after I get situated with my new futurehosting account.

    Then I'll have one managed cpanel setup for my client hosting, and one unmanaged no control panel rig for my personal play and testing

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    Not sure, I took a look at their demo console etc. Looks promising.
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    I had a VPS with them for almost 3 weeks now, running Gentoo 2006.1 doing some development and hosting a few small sites. Very impressed so far with the feature and price.

    I actually have to use the support ticket once (tried to re-image the VPS but it did not come back up). Jason responded very promptly and helped to get the server back online.

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    My coder in Wales is using them and is loving it so far. It's definitely for the DIY, "know what you're doing" crowd, rather than the "hold me by the hand" crowd, but if you're in that category, they sound like a good choice from what he's telling me..and you can't beat their prices.

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    Hey guys - let me know if you have any specific questions. I'll be happy to answer.
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    I've had an account with them for about a day now and couldn't be happier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjrock
    I've had an account with them for about a day now and couldn't be happier.
    A day is nothing but please remember to come back to review them in a month, three months, six months and a year.

    I will say that I spoke to Matt for a while and he seems like a stand up guy so please let us know how it turns out.

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