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    Alternative to 1&1 Windows Server III

    We're hosting a bunch of ASP.NET applications (about 100-150) with MS SQL 2005 Express. To handle this we need a pretty powerful machine, so we chose
    1&1 Windows Server III - it has 2 GB of RAM and Pentium 4 3.06 GHz Hyper-Threaded. We don't care about any other parameters like traffic or HDD size. We're paying $189/month.

    But 1&1 support sucks and now we want to find a better alternative.

    Based on the info from this forum, we've shortlisted two hostings:
    - Server Matrix (similar configuration: $199/month)
    - LiquidWeb (similar configuration: $239/month)

    It sounds like LiquidWeb has a better support with their guaranted 2hrs hardware replacement.

    Any other suggestions or comments?

    - Vadim.

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    Lots of companies could do this. Use the advertising forums, they're magical.
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    Well, I'd rather hear it from people who are actualy using the services, not from the companies.

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