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    * suggestion for webhost please ?

    I have narrowed my choice for webhost to three providers. Basically on suggestions from various forums.

    This again is to host what I am sure is a pretty basic website, mostly informative.
    I also hope to allow customers to send me emails from the website.
    I also want to generate newsletters to distribute to customers and others on proprietary mailing lists.

    Given my needs I am currently looking at

    one of these hosts offers $700 of free coffeecup software. Is this a worthwhile freebie ? You have to sign up for a year membership !

    I own web easy professional version 6, a real simple web design program. Also plan to likely use any hosts software to get my sight started and in the future jazz up the sight with special software. So I dont know if getting this software is valuable or not.

    Thanks for your help.

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    You most likely won't need much resources from your description of your needs. I believe the above hosts mentioned should be able to do all that you need in terms of hosting a site / emails and so on, but do check with them on their email limits as some hosts have very strict rules regarding spam/mail lists and so on. Many hosts also offer free web site builders already so that should be a plus for ya.

    Do some search here on WHT and look around for reviews.

    Good luck.
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    It looks as if you want to establish a small business site. You should be looking at premium business grade hosts who aren't trying to offer you huge packages of space and transfer, but do offer very good support and reliability. Remember that if you are spending a large proportion of your money on something you won't be using, then there is less money to support the bits you will be using.

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    I am pretty sure Lunar would do for You. I don't know if You'd use coffecup, but their support is great.

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    cluelessinflorida , in my huble opinion all the hosting companies you've mentioned are good but you should look through all their plans very carefully and make up your mind which one to sign up. A friend of mine uses DreamHost and he's satisfied with their service.

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