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    Talking Cheap Designer Looking For Work.

    Hey, Im a college student home for the summer. I need work and I know the following.

    Photoshop 7.0

    All sites come with the following 1 banner 1 layout 1 link banner

    Pricing: (Theese are base layouts)
    (all sites are database driven hosting can be provided at extra cost)
    5 pages 100$
    10 pages 200$
    15 pages 300$
    20 pages 500$

    User logins can be added for 200$ a piece.(this includes account management.
    E-mail systems can be added for 400$
    Installation of forums 20$ (only free forums such as yabb or ikonboard anything that reqcuires a licesnse must be purchased by yourself)

    Other feautures not listed most likely can be provided.

    Please e-mail [email protected]

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    Do you have examples of your work?

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