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    Question Begginer help...

    Ive been stuck with ftp for some time, but when I get dsl this summer how can I set up my site on my connection? Also whats all this new fangled php/ linux/ apache stuff Im always seeing?


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    its a very complicated matter. a newbie in apache, php and mysql will find it difficult to change his ps into a web server.

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    I'd be sure to double-check the terms and conditions of your DSL service before you try this. The vast majority of ISPs will have provisions that prohibit you from running servers off your connection.

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    1. Apache is a piece of software that allows a computer to serve web pages
    2. Linux is an operating system like Windows, only much more stable
    3. PHP is a relatively new server side scripting language which allows the customer to write dynamic web pages (for example, WebHostingTalk is written in PHP)

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    ISP will boot you 100%. Read their TOS.

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    Well thats not good...

    So can I make a site in php, and still use my vanilla ftp, or do I need a dedicated host?

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    ok, thanks..


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