Forum Link:

Forum Details:
Its a domain name related forum, that has been online for months but never really advertised. I don't have enough time and cash to advertise it and im interested in other projects/sites.

Forum Software:
Vbulletin owned license with support until Feb 28th 2007.

Forum Design:
The default vbulletin theme is used along with a custom header. Some Mod's are installed such as itrader and google/yahoo sitemap.

Forum Traffic:
Traffic avg 20 visitors/day and increasing. Traffic is from links, forums, directories and some search engines, so its not from one source only. The forum is listed in all major search engines and google pagerank is 2.

Forum Income:
Google adsense was getting some clicks but I removed it and added affiliates links. No sales through these links and google adsense did not make much, so assume no income.

Forum Stats:
Threads: 50 Posts: 103 Members: 36

Forum Price:
* Price: $200 is the bin price. The forum has costed me over $300 so im not taking offers below $200.
* Payment: Westren union or moneygram. Sorry but I don't have paypal.
* Note: Posted on other forums as well. Post SOLD to claim and pm me.

What you get:
* Vbulletin owned license.
* Domain Names: DnClass.com & DnClass.net
* The custom header for the forum.
* The forum database.
* Free quality hosting for one month until you move it to your server.